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We're pet people ourselves. Here are some photos of our pets. Click on the thumbnail photo to view a larger version of the picture. Enjoy!

thumbnail of Hiro the cat in tubHere's our newest addition, Hiro. We adopted him on September 29, 2004. Based on age estimates from the shelter and the vet, we've chosen his "birthday" as May 8, 2004. He's a spunky little guy, named for the Tahitian god of thieves.





thumbnail of Hiro the cat in washerAs you can see, the little guy has a real fascination for plumbing-related objects. Here he investigates the washing machine.





thumbnail of Hiro the cat in sinkThe bathroom sink is a handy observation point.






thumbnail of Hiro the cat in toiletOkay, we're now convinced that he's going to be a plumber when he grows up! And we do believe he'll grow--he's already taller and longer than our "old lady," Hina.





Jeb and Ginger the dogs thumbnailJeb (on the couch) and Ginger (whispering in Jeb's ear) are part of our extended pet family. They're "uncle" and "auntie" to Gracie, Glory, Hina, Opie, Mo, and Scout. They make their home in Celina, Ohio.






Opie the pig's growingOur pot bellied pig, Opie, weighed in at 114.7 pounds in early February, 2002. We knew some of you would like to see how he's looking these days. For baby pictures, scroll down. If you compare them, you'll see that he's definitely a bigger pigger.




Hina the cat and Scout the tortoise thumbnailScout, a Geochelone sulcata or African spurred tortoise, joined our household on December 15, 2000, at the age of about 1 year. He is just a little shaver, but when he's full grown he'll weigh about 150 pounds. He's down in the lower right corner of this picture. Hina the cat is hanging out, getting acquainted.


Opie thumbnailFlea Treat's Opus Moose Tracker/Rainbow's came to our home on November 15, 2000. His birthday is September 20, 2000. He's a little Vietnamese potbellied barrow (neutered boar). His favorite snack is a piece of air-popped popcorn and he's learning to love the rest of the critters in the household. We call him Opie.


Rowdy and Barkley the golden retrievers thumbnailRowdy and Barkley are littermates. They're "cousins" to Gracie and Glory. These beautiful Golden Retrievers were born on April 14, 1998. They're frequent playmates and best buddies. Rowdy is on the left--Barkley is on the right.



Wilshire the cat thumbnailThis little sweetie is named Wilshire because that's the name of the street where her human (a dear friend and team member during our summer tours) found her, tiny, abandoned, dirty, and hungry. She has a wonderful home now.


Sam the dog thumbnailHere is Samuel Adams. We call him "Sam" for short. He is the uncle of Opus, Scout, Gracie, Glory and Hina. He is also Schatzi's brother (see below). He lives in Fallon, NV. He loves to stop and smell the flowers, apparently.




Schatzi the dogHere is a picture of Schatzi the dog. She's actually an "auntie" to Opie, Gracie, Glory, Hina, and Scout. She lives in Fallon NV, having left behind her hobby of fishing for koi in the pond of her old back yard.


Gracie the dogGracie the basset hound is a special favorite of her mom because she has a teeny little neurological deficit. You'd never know it, though. She loves to patrol her yard and play with her sister, Glory. She also loves to snuggle, as she shows in this photo. She and Glory were born on August 20, 1997. The date is also their human "grandma's" birthday.

Glory the dogGlory spends a lot of her time trying to keep up with her "big" sister, Grace, who is 15 minutes older. Here she shows that she's not to be outdone as a snuggler. Other favorite things are belly rubs and walks. She loves to lick toes, too.


Hina the catHina came to us from the shelter at the same time as her "brother," Ti'i. Her birthday is September 3, 1993. She is quiet and meditative. Her special favorite activity is napping.




closeup of Opie the pig thumbnailOpie gets up close and personal on a walk.










Opie the pig and Glory the dog begging thumbnailCertainly your pets are as well behaved as ours are. They'd never, ever, beg for a treat....well, maybe just once in a while. Here, Opie and Glory try to convince us that they're starving.




Gracie and Glory the dogs outing thumbnailGlory and Gracie enjoy an outing. Gracie wears the visor.



Hina in a barrelIn a rare burst of activity, Hina hunts for a treat in a pickle barrel. She prefers to eat them crushed in her food--but she likes to chase them whole.

Gracie and Glory the dogs and Hina the cat napping thumbnailThe mammalian girls (Hina, Grace, and Glory) hang out.



Hammy the pigHammy, our "firstborn," was born on December 18, 1992. He went to the Rainbow Bridge on October 17, 2000. We've welcomed a new little pigger into our home, but Hammy will always occupy a special place in our hearts. Hammy was a house pig who loved to share a bowl of ice cream with his dad. In this picture, one of our favorites, he modeled a stylish cap.


Geode the tortoiseGeode, our Geochelone sulcata, or African spurred tortoise, went to the Rainbow Bridge quite unexpectedly on November 14, 2000. We miss the little guy and welcomed Scout, our new G. sulcata, home on December 15, 2000.



Ti'i the cat and Geode the tortoise Ti'i , our magificent boy cat, went to the Rainbow Bridge on July 12, 2004. He was a special guy and a fine ambassador for his species, and we miss him very much. He was the cat who walked on a leash, rode in the car, greeted visitors, and generally convinced people who thought they didn't like cats that perhaps they'd been too hasty.




Mo the lizardMo, a Tupinambis texguixin or Colombian black and white Tegu, made her (we believe she was a female) way into our household after we found her rustling around in the brush outside our home on October 7, 2001. She left us for the Rainbow Bridge on April 15, 2005. Not a native species, our friends at the local reptile shop told us she must have been an escaped or abandoned pet.

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